Feathers Aflutter: Green Feather Bag by PatBO

Penelope Penelope May 13, 2023 · 2 mins read
Feathers Aflutter: Green Feather Bag by PatBO
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Are you tired of ordinary handbags that lack flair and featheriness? Look no further than the Wave Feather handbag by PatBO, a true statement piece that will have heads turning and birds swooning. With its vibrant green feathers adorning the main part of the bag, you’ll feel like you’re carrying a stylish duster or perhaps a fashionable pet ostrich.

Wave Handbag with Feather Trim by PatBO
Vibrant Green Multicolor hue adds a bold pop of color
Made from 100% Silky Crepe for a luxurious feel
Features genuine Ostrich feathers

While it may raise questions about daily brushing and fluffing maintenance, one thing is for sure: this bag is an attention-grabbing accessory that will make you the talk of the town. Just remember, it’s not your typical bag—it’s a feathered masterpiece ready to take flight in the world of fashion.

The vibrant green multicolor hue of the Wave Feather Handbag adds a bold pop of color to any ensemble. Made from 100% Silky Crepe, this luxurious accessory showcases genuine Ostrich feathers, elevating its unique and exotic appeal.

Wave Feather Handbag
Close look at the feathers Image: PatBO
Wave Feather Handbag
Rocking the Wave Feather Handbag Image: PatBO
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