Tall Beach Bag by Sensi Studio

Penelope Penelope May 23, 2023 · 3 mins read
Tall Beach Bag by Sensi Studio
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Imagine strolling along the sandy shores, turning heads not with a fabulous dress but with a fashion-forward beach basket. This practical yet amusing accessory is crafted from 100% Toquilla straw, renowned for its quality and beauty. Spot clean it with a damp cloth, and please refrain from giving it a bubble bath or using it as a dumbbell—it’s not built for that level of enthusiasm.

What sets this beach basket apart from the rest is its impressive height. Standing tall like a beacon of beachy brilliance, it ensures that you’ll never lose sight of your belongings, even if you accidentally wander into a volleyball match. Need a towel? No problem! The Tall Solid Beach Basket has got you covered with its spacious dimensions of L 10 x H 15 x W 6 inches. You can fit your towel, sunscreen, snacks, and even a portable hammock for those impromptu naps.

Tall Solid Bag
100% Toquilla Straw Beach Basket Image: Sensi Studio

Now, let’s talk about the designer behind this whimsical creation—Stephany Sensi of Sensi Studio. After graduating from Insituto Marangoni in Milan, she embarked on a journey to her birthplace, Ecuador, where she launched Sensi Studio. Inspired by the remarkable craftsmanship of local artisans, Stephany began her collection of genuine Panama Hats, Bags, and Resort Wear. Collaborating closely with these artisans, she infuses her designs with an original and authentic touch, adding a modern twist to traditional techniques.

Embrace its quirkiness, enjoy its functionality, and let it become a conversation starter wherever you go. Trust me, it’s a container that will hold not just your beach essentials, but also the memories of laughter and unique style.

Tall Solid Beach Basket
100% Toquilla Straw
Handmade in Ecuador
Spacious dimensions: L 10 x H 15 x W 6 in
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